Semorelin Therapy




First Month


Vivid dreams


Better, sounder sleep


Improved stamina


Optimistic attitude



Second Month


Improved muscle tone


Increased strength


Improved skin tone


Improved nail growth


Better digestion


Weight loss


Improved vision


Enhanced sexual function



Third Month


Improved mental acuity


Enhanced productivity


Faster wound healing


Hair re-growth


Increased libido


Increased muscle size


Faster recovery from exercise


Great flexibility


Reduced pain



Fourth Month


Heightened improvements in all of the above. At times improvements may seem to


diminish or plateau. Rejuvenation is still a process. Benefits should resume with continued





Fifth Month


Improved weight loss and reduction of inches


Improved skin texture and appearance


Skin thickening and greater elasticity


Reduction of skin wrinkles


Thickening of hair with shiny, healthy appearance



Sixth Month


Diminished cellulite


Improved eyesight


Improved body contour


Improved resistance to colds, flu and other illnesses


Healing of old wounds


Disappearance of pain and soreness

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