We offer 3 different options for Double Chin Reduction and neck rejuvenation. Both are effective and minimally invasive office treatments. 

1. Viora treatments are used to tighten the neck, reduce chin fat, and sculpt the jawline.  These treatment are done in a series of 6, and can be customized for your specific needs. The Viora is the optimal treatment for skin tightening in the neck and face.

2. Mesotherapy treatments for the chin. These treatments are similar to the Kybella treatments that are advertised, except they are a more cost effective alternative that are just as effective and safe.  These treatments can help tighten the chin but are more effective at reducing fat or double chins. Most people need 1-3 treatments to get the desired results, depending on individual need.

 3.PDO threads are used for a Non-Surgical Neck  Lift. They are easy, safe, and effective. These threads or sutures are absorbable, and as they absorb they build collagen in the area around the thread. There is minimal downtime and pain with this procedure. The results last about 18 months on average.


Come in for a free consult and find out which treatments would be best to achieve your goals.