Vichy Shower Services

What is a Vichy Shower?

A Vichy shower is a shower with from 8 

vertical shower heads in which large quantities of water are showered over your body while you lay in a shallow wet bed (similar to a massage table, but with drainage for the water). The therapist may also control a wand to assist in a more focused water massage. This table is perfect for body scrubs and wraps, which can be done alone or with a full body massage.


The design for the Vichy Shower was inspired by the hot mineral springs in the city of Vichy, in central France south-southeast of Paris. It is known for its multiple healing properties and people come from all around with an array of ailments to seek treatment in these amazing mineral springs. 

Benefits of Vichy Shower Treatments:

  • Loosen tight and tense muscles

  • Reducing toxins and waste, improving your elimination system

  • Improves circulation and blood flow 

  • Boosts your immune system

  • Hydrating your body through your skin, improving skin and muscle tone

  • Reducing your stress response through skin nerve stimulation and relaxation

  • Improves internal organ function by increasing circulation



Warm water falls on you while you get a full body massage, creating improved circulation, reducing toxins and waste, and boosting your immune system.

(60 min)


Body Scrub

& Vichy Shower

Enjoy the relaxation of the Vichy Shower, while our therapist applies a seasonal body scrub to exfoliate and soften your skin. 

(60 min)


Massage, Mud Wrap, & Body Scrub

The ultimate package for relaxation and rejuvenation. Start with an exfoliating seasonal body scrub, then relax with a detoxifying mud wrap, all while enjoying a massage from the shower as well as your therapist.

(75 min)